Renovations & Repairs

Renovations are going well considering the scale of the works that we are having done and that we are trying to trade while under construction! This week has seen the most activity to date with the majority of the roof coming off and lots of it already being replaced.

The roof – All of the tin and tiles are being replaced with galvanised iron. The tiles won’t be going back up so that will be a big change from the original building. In addition, the first floor balcony facade will be returned to shingles like it was originally.

The kitchen – We have extended the kitchen to include a new wash up area and will be fitting a new cool room in there which the chefs are looking forward to immensely! Once that has been done the existing doors in will be closed off and a new ‘pass’ put in so we can pick up the plates from the front of the kitchen and not even have to go in there.

The front facade – Next week restoration of the limestone will start across the front of the building. This is perhaps the part I am most excited about. I have been told the blocks were probably all hand cut and transported from SA on train so it will be great to have the yellow paint off so we can see what she used to look like.

Back veranda – The back veranda is being replaced, including the floor, balustrade and even the lining in the roof. It was pretty wonky and rotten. This is being done section by section while the new fire escape stairs are being built. They will go on the eastern side along the new kitchen wall.

Other – As you may be aware, our building is 90 years old this year and doesn’t seem to have had much TLC over the years. The western side of the Hotel (that faces Warragul) is being repaired with the boards, strapping and windows being replaced. We are also repairing the eave that sits out on that side. As they go the guys are tidying up electrical and plumbing in an attempt to remove a lot of the ‘guff’ that is all over the exterior of the building.

In all, the renovation shouldn’t really take that long (touch wood). We are trying to restore the building back to original form on the exterior and hope these works will keep her happy for another 90 years. We are not really touching the inside (except where we need to merge the old and the new)…one day maybe but today is not that day! A huge thank you to our loyal customers who are managing to find there way in each day. Chris and I do really appreciate it.

Some of the images we have been using (courtesy of Tini Cook) to match up colours and materials.

Yarragon Hotel 1929
Thought to have been taken in 1929 this image shows the Hotel in original form.

Date unknown
Date unknown
Year unknown
Year unknown

Yarragon Hotel 1940s

Yarragon Hotel late 40s 50s 2

Yarragon Hotel 1940s

Yarragon Hotel 1978

Yarragon Streetscape 1978